S.A. Wilson’s Gold Roast

S.A. Wilson’s was founded by Scott Wilson. While attending trade shows and conferences on health and organic products, Scott was surprised by the number of people inquiring about organic coffee for enema use. At the time, he had never heard of this practice so he began to research the subject and stumbled on the works of Dr. William D. Kelley, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez and Dr. Max Gerson.

Then, while attending a local health show, Scott met some people from the Consumer Health Organization of Canada and discussed some of his ideas for making a special blend of coffee for enemas. Showing a great deal of interest, Consumer Health supplied the names of people who would be willing to try out the new blend.

Scott began refining the blend, selecting the beans that would be higher in caffeine and palmitic acid, and give the greatest benefits for liver detoxification and pain reduction. It was also at this time that he developed the unique process of roasting the coffee beans. After just the first round of testing, people were reporting a huge difference between Scott’s gold roast coffee and the brand they had previously used. “Easier to retain,” “more effective at pain reduction” and “less harsh” were comments he heard time and again.

Nearly two decades later, Scott continues to strive to improve his gold roast coffee and keep the cost low so as not to financially burden his customers.


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