I am delighted to recommend S.A. Wilson’s Gold Roast, the first commercially available organic coffee specifically blended. The high palmitate content of these select beans is protected by a roasting process guaranteed to produce a finely ground coffee rich in the strongest stimulants of the most powerful human anticarcinogenic, antimutagenic, and antiteratogenic enzyme system. I am likewise delighted to know that the research publications authored by my colleague Dr. Peter Lechner and myself were noticed by Scott Wilson, a clever innovator with an eye to good science and possessing the acumen to bring this product to market. As head of the Gerson Research Organization, and editor of both the 4th and 5th editions of Dr. Max Gerson’s A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases, I can tell you that I believe Gerson himself would have been thrilled to have such a great improvement over all other available coffees. As the scientific director of Gar Hildenbrand alternatives, I will say that it is our observation that even the most delicate patients tolerate well, and benefit significantly from, detoxification with S.A. Wilson’s Gold Roast. I encourage my colleagues to incorporate it. I have recommended it to family members, friends, and I most assuredly use it myself. ****

Gar H, Gar Hildenbrand Alternatives – Gerson Research Organization

I have spread the word to fellow Gerson people about your coffee. I prefer it due to its light color so any foreign objects can easily be identified as opposed to dark coffee where its all the same color. The coffee is much cleaner to work with i.e.: it does not foam as much when brewing and the jars stay much cleaner too. It seems to me that this coffee is easier for some reason.

I’m glad I tried it. I’m so pleased with it I’m ordering the 40lb choice.

Keep up the good work!****

God Bless.

Tony R.

We have ordered your coffee from Naturopathic Solutions here in England .

We are writing to say that we were pleasantly surprised to discover that, contrary to most of our experience with advertising, your claims are borne out by our experience of using your coffee.

You claim that it is “designer coffee” and, being designers and artists ourselves, we can appreciate your design efforts. We find the ease of the coffee and the relaxing quality of the experience of considerable benefit. ****

G.M. and A.M.

This is by far the best coffee I’ve tried. The procedure is generally more comfortable and produces less gas than with other brands of organic coffee. I wouldn’t consider using anything else. Recently, a friend walked into my kitchen while I had a pot of it on the stove; he inhaled deeply and said, “Mmmm, something smells good!” He thought it was bean soup. I haven’t been able to convince him that this is a healthy practice, but perhaps the sight and smell of the coffee was the first step in demystifying the subject for him. ****

James P.

We appreciate your reasonable prices, prompt delivery and excellent product. We are very glad to have had your coffee recommended to us by the Gerson Institute.

Mary F.

I have been using your product for several weeks now and am very satisfied with the results. It makes a difficult procedure more rewarding as there is less discomfort and better outcome. I have even grown to enjoy the nutty aroma while brewing the coffee. I have begun to vacuum seal the daily brew and it retains its original color until ready to use.

Thanks for your product and your excellent service.

Lawrence T.

I ran out of Wilson’s coffee & went back to using organic coffee. The effect wasn’t nearly as strong & effective, although before I tried Wilson’s I was satisfied with the results. Thank you for the creation of this specialized coffee!

Kathy D.

This is a fantastic product. It is much better than a regular coffee blend. I have recommended it to my friends. Have a great day, God Bless, ****


I’m a huge fan of the special blend. In fact, I ran out and had to use regular organic coffee for my last batch and it’s not the same at all. Your special blend absolutely works, but in a way that is gentle, rather than shocking to my system. I will never use any other coffee! Thanks for all your research and work. ****

Deanna D.

I learned of your coffee through the Gerson Institute.

We have had excellent results with your coffee and appreciate your reasonable prices.

Best wishes—


Thank you for making this affordable and marvelous therapy coffee. ****

Gail Ross, MS, RD, Naturopathic Medical Student

I have used your Gold Roast for 2 years now. I would not go back to regular organic coffee. Wilson’s Gold Roast was used at the Issels Clinic in Mexico and I have used it ever since. Your coffee is also more reasonable then the Organic grocery stores.

Thanks for providing such a good product. ****

Marian F.

We are very pleased with your coffee. The coffee we had been using was not as effective. We noticed an immediate difference. we are feeling much better and cleaner after using your coffee.

Thank you so much ! ***

Richard K.


Prior to using the special blend, we were told to use just regular coffee since it was a temporary “prescription”., I wanted something more organic for long term use. Along with finding the organic blend,. Even after doing one a week for 3 months, it was very noticeable the special blend aided in an even bigger effect than any of the prior experiences.

Thanks to the coffee, I have fond them very helpful in remaining healthy. It is awesome!! Thank you!

God Bless You. ****

Teresa R., Life in the Solution

I love your Gold Roast. It is exceptional. I have always disliked coffee and taken it for a few months made me feel like I was just taken in excess things. This stuff is so clean and strong and it just really works. Thank you so much for keeping the price so fair.

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you are right.” ***

Lucy K.

I just want to thank you for putting out such a wonderful enema coffee. My preventive doctor encouraged me to start doing coffee enemas to detoxify my body. I tried other organic coffees, even the Bulletproof brand (which they said could be used for enemas). All these coffees made me feel terrible when I did the enema. I was about to give up and say that coffee enemas were not for me, when someone told me about your special blend specifically made for enemas. I purchased your coffee and followed the instructions that came with it. All I can say is “wow.” I felt so good after my first enema using your coffee. It even made me feel good in my brain. I now look forward to my coffee enemas. I know it is doing great things for my body. Again, I am so grateful for the product that you so carefully prepare for the enemas. I have been dealing with Lyme’s disease and autoimmune problems for years, and it’s been so great to know that I will feel better when I do my coffee enemas with your special blend.****

Linda B

To look at the grounds, you’d never suspect it was coffee – it has the color of light brown sugar, and the aroma more like peanut butter than coffee! While it’s a little disconcerting to prepare a coffee solution that looks considerably different than what one may be used to with regular roast coffee. I’ve found that it works as well or better that any other coffee I’ve used.

Everett D

Dear Ones,

Just a note to let you know that we love your product and appreciate all your efforts.

So thanks for all you do. Your efforts do not go unnoticed.****

Donna C.

Dear Scott,

I have wanted to write to you ever since I received the coffee.

I have wanted to first of all thank you for not charging the shipping. When you fight holistically there is little that is covered. We have actually refinanced our mortgage and taken a home equity loan to help with the monthly expenses or the medications, organic produce, etc. So it is very much appreciated.

The coffee itself is so less harsh compared to the organic coffee I have been using from the Gerson Center . It is now a year that I have been following the program. The coffee I used before was very harsh. We would love to know more about how you have come up with your coffee. I feel that a lot of time and consideration has gone into your work. And your passion is appreciated. As I mentioned I was impressed with your website. Unfortunately, right now I don’t get on the computer often and I am so weak and tire easily. Hopefully, my strength will come back so I can explore your site in depth.

Until then Scott, please know that you are appreciated. Sadly, everyone I know that was following the Gerson Therapy has dropped out. It is a difficult program and costly, but the difference in the coffee makes it that much easier.

Well, I will try to communicate with you as things progress.

Again, thank you for everything.****

Susan F

This product is great. I use it every day and it does the job!


The fact that I am reordering a supply of your gold roast coffee speaks for itself.

I am a believer! ****


When I was diagnosed, my situation was so grave, that no one believed that I would live to Christmas of 2004. So I took drastic action. I quit my career, and devoted myself to researching and healing myself.

For the next 18 months I followed the Gerson Principles as closely as I possibly could, all the juicing, completely revamped my eating habits, and ordered all the supplements. I followed the coffee breaks religiously.

I saw dramatic improvement in 2 months. That was 18 months ago. Since then I continue with the supplements, the B12 shots, exercise and follow a looser version of the diet. I still stay away from as many additives and preservatives as possible and eat mainly just fresh organic foods, but for convenience, I don’t juice as diligently anymore.****



Thank you for your product. I think it is great! I have been using it now for over a year with the Gerson Program.


I prefer Wilson’s coffee to any other in doing the Gerson Program. I am so glad I found you!!

Your coffee is cleaner and easier to use than what I was using.

Wouldn’t want to use anything else.


Dear Mr. Wilson,

After using your coffee daily for the past ten weeks there are two very definite, and very positive, results: as you state, your coffee is stronger than regular coffee, and, it is also produces smoother. I use only 2/3 as much as I did with regular coffee.

Thanks for producing such a great product.****


Hi Scott,

I have been using your gold roast for about a year and a half.. I love the Gold Roast. It doesn’t have a strong smell like regular coffee, which I like. It is also more effective than regular coffee. I also have great trust that I am getting the purest coffee available. This gives me such peace of mind. Thank you very much for all your hard work in developing this wonderful blend.****


I was thrilled to learn about Scott’s coffee blend one year ago from the Consumer Health Organization of Canada. Prior to this, the beans I’d been purchasing from an emporium seemed too strong, not ground properly, too expensive and often not in stock.

The s.a. Wilson blend is Milder Scott has done the research to develop a blend of various organic beans that does not effect my sense of calm nor interfere with sleep.

In addition, the grind is consistently the same from one 5 pound order to the next, which results in a uniform effect.

Scott has set up a web site and has created a company that I know will continue to provide the blend that best supports my program.****


I just wanted to let you know that I have been using your coffee for over a year. Prior to discovering the special gold roast, I was using organic coffee (wherever I could find it).

I am sure this high-quality blend has positively impacted me. As the founder of The Annie Appleseed Project I hear from many people who tell me of their satisfaction with your product.

Thank you for providing it (and at such a reasonable price).****

Ann Fonfa, Founder, The Annie Appleseed Project

Hi Scott,

The s.a. Wilson blend is Milder Scott has done the research to develop a blend of various organic beans that does not effect my sense of calm nor interfere with sleep.

Tried your coffee for the first time on Saturday, and it was nothing short of wonderful. I feel fantastic! but this protocol made me feel *clean* in a totally different way. I hope to get some other people to try it. ****


Hi Scott,

I ordered 40 lb. of The Organic Therapy Coffee from you about 2 weeks ago…and.. I have been using it every day. It’s really good…I mean It’s so cool!!!!! I would like to thank you for giving me this kind of opportunity. ****

Thank you again.

Jay L.

The blend is definitely more effective, far more productive. The “peanut tea” aroma is a most appropriate description. Thank you, Scott. Your research and dedication has produced a truly excellent product. I’m very please to have made contact with you and to be able to use your product. ****

Again, thank you.

Jim M.

I had previously been ordering coffee from Mexico until my father alerted me to your new blend coffee. Yes, I really feel it is a definite improvement on the other. I just use mine mainly for preventative and maintenance. ****

Thank you for an excellent product.

Karen R.

SA Wilson’s Gold Roast Coffee is an excellent product. It’s cleaner. Faster. It does a deeper, more thorough job.

I highly recommend S.A. Wilson’s Gold Roast Coffee as the way to go. As a longtime user I will never go back to black coffee again. ****


Dear friend,Your website is awesome; it just keeps improving!

What a wonderful resource.

May God continue to bless and prosper your outreach…

Best wishes for the holidays and always.

Mary & Michael

I thank you for being such a great company with such an awesome product. Take care and Aloha

Christy M.

My husband and I have now gone through many pounds of your gold roast coffee, and really appreciate it. , This is such a great product. My clients are ordering from you too. ****

Anne H.

Scott, the coffee is just great. I have never had such fast, and immediate results.****