We are pleased to announce that s.a.Wilsons Therapy Blend Coffee, the enema coffee recommended by more health professionals than any other single brand, is now even more readily available to those people in the United Kingdom. One of the main challenges we have had in the past is the high cost of shipping as well as the very long shipping times to get our product to the UK from Canada.

So, as of October 23, 2005 we have established a strategic partnership with the U.K. based company Manifest Health Limited making them the exclusive distributors of s.a.Wilsons Therapy Blend coffee in the United Kingdom.

Exclusive UK distributor for s.a.Wilsons Therapy Blend Coffee
Manifest Health Limited
173 Curie Avenue
HIBC Didcot
OX11 0QG
Tel 01235 838551
Fax 01235 838627