S.A. Wilson’s Gold Roast

At S.A. Wilson’s, we had to develop a unique and proprietary way of processing coffee and selecting a specific variety of certified organic coffee beans to produce a product that an independent laboratory has confirmed is higher in what we want: caffeine and palmitic acid. 

We started off by sourcing the best possible beans we could find. Next, we developed a processing technique that would retain caffeine and palmitic acid. After a process of trial and error to perfect our technique, we achieved a roasting process that not only retained what we wanted, but also eliminated what we didn’t want.

The final result? Coffee that has up to 44 percent more caffeine and 87 percent more palmitic acid than regular coffee. By using organic beans certified by agencies like O.C.I.A. and Q.A.I., and processing them without chemical additives, we avoid pesticides and residue from chemical fertilizers that most standard coffee has.

Nearly two decades later, Scott continues to strive to improve his gold roast coffee and keep the cost low so as not to financially burden his customers.