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Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez practices medicine in New York City, treating primarily cancer patients with a nutritional approach known as the Kelley Therapy. In August, 1991 I interviewed Dr. Gonzalez for the first time. Shortly after that I learned that my elder sister had breast cancer. After she had surgery she became much sicker, & in October, 1991 she went to see Dr. Gonzalez. She tells me that she began to feel better as soon as she began the treatment. Today, her body is nearly free of cancer.

Dr. Gonzalez very kindly gave us this interview on June 16, 1995. His office is located at 36 East 36th Street, Suite 204, New York, New York 10016, & his telephone number is (212) 213-3337. Moneychanger subscribers can send an SASE with 55 to us for a complete copy of our August, 1991 interview with Dr. Gonzalez.

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MONEYCHANGER: Tell me about the Kelley Therapy for cancer & other degenerative diseases.

DR. GONZALEZ: You can break Kelley s work into three parts: diet, supplements, & detoxification.

That sounds simple enough, but Kelley was more sophisticated. His genius lay in realizing that different people need different diets, ranging from pure vegetarian to pure meat with all gradations in-between. We use 10 basic diets & 90 variations.

Traditional Eskimos in northern Alaska, for example, were complete meat eaters because there are no fruits or vegetables there. Their diet was 80% saturated fat, a horror by the current orthodox standards, but traditional Eskimos were among the healthiest people on earth. They had no cancer, no heart disease, no arthritis, & normal cholesterol levels. When they became westernized & began living in town in the 1940s & 50s, all the diseases of civilization became epidemic: obesity, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, & cancer. When they ate a high fat diet they were perfectly well, because biochemically Eskimos can t use carbohydrates efficiently. They lack the enzymes. On the other hand, some humans are pure vegetarians, & there are all gradations in-between, particularly in America where the melting pot contains all kinds of genetic backgrounds.

The individual’s need for vitamin & mineral supplements varies as much as diet, so we use individualized supplement programs for each patient. Even the forms of vitamin C we use vary depending on the metabolism. We use six different forms of calcium — calcium phosphate, calcium lactate, calcium carbonate, di-calcium phosphate, even calcium chlorate at times — depending on the metabolism.. Doses also vary from patient to patient. Because every patient has a unique biochemical makeup, he needs a unique diet & unique combination of supplements.

For cancer in particular we use large doses of pancreatic enzymes. That is the main anti-cancer element of the therapy. The first study showing that pancreatic enzymes have an anti-cancer effect goes back to 1904. Traditionally orthodox medicine thinks these enzymes have only a digestive function, but animal studies document their anti-cancer effect. I firmly believe, as did Dr. Kelley, that pancreatic enzymes & the pancreas, not the immune system, are the main defense against cancer

MONEYCHANGER: But doesn’t the pancreas normally secrete enzymes into the digestive tract as opposed to the bloodstream?

DR. GONZALEZ: Yes, but then they are absorbed into the bloodstream from the intestinal tract. This has actually been documented. One of the controversies around this theory is that the orthodox people claim that all the ingested pancreatic enzymes are destroyed in the gut. That’s been disproven, & studies as far back as the 1940s clearly document that orally ingested pancreatic enzymes are absorbed into the bloodstream, not destroyed in the gut. In 1976 an article in the eminent scientific biochemical journal Science showed that pancreatic enzymes in animal models are absorbed & not destroyed in the gut. When the pancreas secretes them into the intestinal tract, they are absorbed into the bloodstream & circulated around the body. It’s been known for years that pancreatic enzymes like trypsin & amylase circulate in the bloodstream, & these are normally measured, but no one really knew what they were doing there. We believe they help the body scavenge & destroy cancer cells.

MONEYCHANGER: Pancreatic enzymes, the third major part of Kelley s therapy, actually attack the cancer & break it down?

DR. GONZALEZ: That’s a simple way of looking at it, but things get a little more complicated. Increasingly we believe that tumors are not the illness, but rather the body’s way to sequester waste material. Some patients who have been with me now for five to seven years still have tumors, but they are doing very well. These people have really terrible types of cancer, like lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, & colon cancer.

God designed the body to work well, & when the body produces a tumor, it has a purpose. In the orthodox world & even in the unorthodox world, people think of tumors as the enemy to be destroyed. We believe that the tumors are a sign that the body is too filled with toxins, either inefficiently metabolized toxins from the from the body itself, or environmental toxins like heavy metals or pesticides. These toxins can overwhelm the liver’s ability to process them, backing up & confronting the body with an enormous load of toxic waste that (we believe) produces tumors which are like accessory livers, the body’s main detoxification organ. Tumors are actually the body’s intelligent defense to sequester, store, & neutralize severe metabolic wastes.

Yes, pancreatic enzymes attack these tumor areas, but they also seem to help destroy toxic wastes throughout the body. They digest, neutralize, & wash them out, & they seem to help liver function. The pancreas itself has a detoxification function & the enzymes help the body mobilize & get rid of this junk. In addition, pancreatic enzymes help normal cells repair, rebuild, & then eliminate all kinds of waste products.

We say simplistically that pancreatic enzymes destroy tumors directly, but actually they just help the body destroy abnormal cells, waste material, & abnormal proteins that can be very poisonous to the body, & eliminate all this toxic junk. Then as the body detoxifies the tumors tend to shrink

MONEYCHANGER: Is that the same as saying that cancer is caused by some sort of toxemia, i.e., poisoning?

DR. GONZALEZ: Unquestionably, & this is not an original idea for either Kelley or me. In 1960 Casper Blond, an eminent English surgeon, wrote one of the classics of biomedical science, The Liver & Cancer. He was a very orthodox scientist who came to the same conclusion. He began to believe that the tumors were not the illness, but the body’s intelligent response to toxemia when the liver fails to eliminate wastes efficiently. As that waste backs up, in self-defense the body produces tumors, like accessory livers. Although only about 30 people these days are aware of his brilliant book, it is one of medical history’s classic genius monographs, but it just never took hold & no one understood it. It fits in perfectly with what we do.

MONEYCHANGER: The first two parts of the Kelley therapy are diet&supplements.

DR. GONZALEZ: The third part is detoxification, which includes the enzymes. As the body repairs & rebuilds, it releases an enormous amount of metabolic waste. On top of that, we live in a very polluted world that exposes the body to enormous amounts of toxic chemicals. These are stored in the body like toxic time bombs. With the Kelley Therapy the body tries to eliminate these wastes, so we have a series of procedures that help the body mobilize this toxic garbage efficiently. These include pancreatic enzymes, coffee enemas, liver flushes, & intestinal cleaning processes that are very, very powerful. Coffee enemas are one of our detoxifying tools. They help the liver & the colon work better. We also have specific detoxification procedures for the colon. Since most Americans have enormous amounts of junk stored in their toxic colons, that’s critical.

MONEYCHANGER: Now wait — coffee enemas. The mere mention of those provokes a string of bad jokes & hysterical laughter, but I remember from our previous interview that you use those yourself.

DR. GONZALEZ: I ve been using them for 14 years with only one effect: I felt better from the first one I did. I’ve never looked back & I feel great when I do them. All the terrible things that are supposed to happen don’t happen. Coffee enemas don’t destroy bowel function or wipe out your intestinal flora, but what they do is help the liver work better. They are extremely powerful, one of the most powerful detox procedures that we use. My whole staff does them. They just feel better when they do.

MONEYCHANGER: Did Kelley originate the coffee enema?

DR. GONZALEZ: No, actually Max Gerson used them for decades & really promoted them. He was a nutrition-oriented physician who moved to the US from Germany during the 30s & practiced here in New York. Gerson found, as did Kelley, that coffee enemas helped the liver work better. In Europe they were used routinely in the 20s & 30s to treat toxic shock & all kinds of very serious illnesses. By the 40s & 50s, as medicine became more technologically sophisticated, interest in coffee enemas waned, but they appeared in all the major nursing textbooks right through the 1950s as standard nursing procedures. They were listed in the Merck Manual, the Bible of orthodox therapy, until 1977. What nurses & other physicians noticed was that the enemas made patients feel better, but they didn’t know why. It was supposed to be a caffeine high, but that’s not it. Through a neurological reflex the coffee enemas help the liver work more efficiently.

The liver is the body’s main detoxification organ. It processes & neutralizes all toxic chemicals, whether they come from our own body or the environment. In this toxic universe of 1995 the liver is always overloaded, particularly when you have an illness. The backed up toxic waste makes you feel sick, & we believe it can also lead to tumor formation. Coffee enemas help the liver clean out, help eliminate toxic chemicals more efficiently, & make you feel better.

MONEYCHANGER: So anybody could do coffee enemas?

DR. GONZALEZ: Anyone should do them. Well, anyone who wants to feel good. If you don’t want to feel good, absolutely don’t do them.

MONEYCHANGER: Why not just drink the coffee instead of taking it rectally?

DR. GONZALEZ: The different ends of the body are about a thousand miles apart physiologically. When you drink coffee, it stimulates certain nerves that shut down liver function. When you take it rectally the caffeine stimulates certain nerves that immediately cause the liver to release its junk.

MONEYCHANGER: The proverb says, The dose makes the poison. You even recommend organically grown coffee for your patients. Do you really think that the very tiny doses of chemicals in our environment, vanishingly small in some cases, can cause cancer?

DR. GONZALEZ: First of all, the doses on a lot of crops, including coffee, are not insignificant. Coffee originates outside the US where they use pesticides that are outlawed here, & in very high doses. A particular coffee bean may not contain much, but when you re doing coffee enemas day after day, it starts adding up & can stress the liver. Cancer & degenerative diseases are becoming increasingly epidemic (& the rates are increasing substantially) because we are increasingly exposed to many, many different toxins.

MONEYCHANGER: You imply that the body does not normally excrete these toxins.

DR. GONZALEZ: It does, but poor nutritional practices (common in the US) & exposure to toxins in the water & the air & the environment overload our liver. It faces a load far greater than it normally can handle, so the stuff starts backing up & that leads to degenerative disease.

MONEYCHANGER: Over what time period are cancer rates increasing?

DR. GONZALEZ: In the last five years many types have increased — pancreatic cancer, brain cancer, & breast cancer particularly. It’s been gradual, i.e., not an epidemic increase in two years, but rates have increased substantially, particularly in the last few decades.

MONEYCHANGER: Mammograms have been used more & more in the last 10 years. Is there any connection?

DR. GONZALEZ: There are doctors who believe that rising rates of breast cancer correlate completely with the rising use of mammography, & that we may be like a dog chasing its tail. Frequent mammography exposing that delicate breast tissue to X-ray may actually be precipitating an increase in cancer rate. The very tool they’re using to diagnose cancer may be causing it.

MONEYCHANGER: What about birth control pills?

DR. GONZALEZ: They’re a total, unmitigated disaster. First, the hormones are synthetic, so they stress the liver. They don t work physiologically, but they do cause a toxic hormonal situation in the body.

MONEYCHANGER: Let’s say that a patient comes to you with cancer & decides he does want to follow the Kelley Therapy. It’s not easy, is it?

DR. GONZALEZ: No, as you know from your sister s experience, it requires real dedication. Attitude is the single most important determinant in a patient’s recovery. This is a hard program, & you have to accept that getting well is a full time job. My average patient is trying to undo 30 – 50 years of damage, & it’s not easy. It’s virtually a full time job, but I do it myself. I’ve never had cancer, so I don’t have to do everything my patients do, but I eat organic food, I do carrot juice, & I take supplements. I do it because it makes me feel so much better, & I like to feel good. But it is an investment. You have your good health, & there’s no price you can put on that. Feeling good is the greatest gift I’ve ever had, next to knowing the Lord.